Sunday, December 27, 2015

When Inaction Kills

In active shooter situations, overcoming the “freeze” of terror can be a life or death matter. Police officials and legal consultants discuss the grim consequences associated with a lack of preparation, and what can be done to better train citizens for the unthinkable.

FATAL NUMBERS: Marietta Police Department Lt. Brian Marshall points out discrepancies in the body count of the 2007 Virginia Tech Massacre based on the specific actions taken by the victims at a Dec. 20 seminar in the suburbs of Atlanta. (Photo Credit: James Swift)

Saturday, December 5, 2015

For Many Georgians, DFCS Remains A Barrier to Medicaid

Since 2013, thousands of Georgians dependent on Division of Family and Children Services have reported lackluster customer service and telecommunications problems, resulting in extensive delays - and in some cases, outright cancellations - of critical Medicaid benefits. To improve processing, the state is migrating away from the much-maligned 'Georgia One' model to a new multi-agency, consolidated system. But does the $100 million investment get to the heart of the problems plaguing DFCS clients for the last two years?
TOTALLY DEPENDENT: 56-year-old Douglasville, Georgia resident Lisa Allrid has been disabled for more than 10 years. Mentally impaired by sarcoidosis, she is unable to navigate the Medicaid renewal process by herself; were here benefits to lapse, friend Jennifer DeLaune said the consequences could be catastrophic. (Photo Credit: Jennifer DeLaune)