Saturday, April 30, 2016

Blood on the Mountain

With counter-protester violence emerging at a ‘pro-white' rally in the foothills of Atlanta, questions abound regarding the state of race relations – and in many ways, civility itself – in 21st century America.  
SURROUNDED: Brad Bradley, left, and Kenneth Bradley find themselves flanked by demonstrators at Stone Mountain Park, just outside of Atlanta, on April 23. The two men had just been attacked by a mob of protesters - seconds later, the unidentified man on the right threatened Kenneth Bradley into giving him his Confederate flag-emblazoned cap, all while local television cameras rolled. (Photograph Credit: James Swift)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Going Full ‘Ham’ in Avondale Estates

The inaugural Avondale May Ham Fest – chock-full of rock and roll acts, 35mm films and yes, plenty of pork - looks to bring Drive-Invasion-inspired delights to the suburbs of DeKalb County.

TALK ABOUT 'SQUEALING TIRES': Spokes-hog Van Hamlen invites attendees to the first ever Avondale May Ham Fest, a celebration of classic cars, cult cinema and all things rockabilly, on May 7, 2016.