Saturday, September 17, 2016

Jailed Journalists Make Their Case for Federal Shield Law

Work is underway on national legislation that would safeguard journalists from having to reveal their sources. But exactly who would the proposed shield law cover - and to what extent would it protect them from incarceration and other legal repercussions?

SILENCED Reporter Brian Karem spent a month behind bars for refusing to reveal anonymous sources to a judge in 1990. Legal supports for journalists, he said at a recent Atlanta event, are hardly any better today. "We all know the protection of the First Amendment has evaporated," he said. "It is a myth, it does not exist."

Saturday, September 3, 2016

East Coast Fans Await Raider Nation's Rebirth

Despite being thousands of miles away from California, dozens upon dozens of Oakland Raiders fan clubs dot the East Coast. Uncommon Journalism speaks with the leaders of three booster clubs in Atlanta, New York and Southern Pennsylvania to find out what makes the 'Raider Nation' a fan base unlike any other in professional football.

WELCOME TO THE BLACK HOLE: Long-considered among the most passionate - and yes, most raucous - fans in professional football, the Oakland Raiders have inspired a deeply devoted fanbase, sprawling from the sandy shores of the East Bay in Northern California all the way to the concrete coastline of the Hudson River in New York.